• An essay is more than just writing. Writing is just one of the many steps that the essay takes on its journey. Giving due importance to the pre and post writing processes makes an essay writer free of going over the material time and time again. 


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    Essays have always been part of the academic curriculum, so every student is familiar with it. It evolves from the simple essays. Such as  ‘similarities and differences’ in primary levels too much more elaborate and complex essays later in doctorate and post-doctorate papers. 


    There are many types of essays, with the same format or a variation of it across all types. Each essay presents and speaks about a subject in a unique way. Some allow the writer to be poets and storytellers while others allow them to be a philosopher’s sceptic scrutiny in dissecting an issue or arguing about a subject. 


    Types of Essay


    The four major types of essays are:


    Narrative Essays: A narrative essay reads like a short story, involving all of its descriptive and story elements. It allows you to present an experience to your readers, concluding it to a final resolution.


    Argumentative Essays: Argumentative essays prompt you to argue against and for, upon a topic using factual information and creative logical connections.


    Descriptive Essay: Like narrative essays, descriptive involves creative writing. But, unlike narrative, descriptive essays shouldn’t be about your experiences in life.


    Expository Essays: Most often they are known as compare & contrast and cause & effect essays. It discusses the subject by drawing a parallel and comparing or by identifying the causality relations between events. 


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    Prompt and topic selection


    Most often than not, the teacher will ask you to choose a topic from a wider topic, such as Education, Health, Environment, etc. Before rushing in to choose a topic it is important to understand the essay prompt. By understanding it you will know which essay you should go with.


    Once the essay type is decided, you will research into the various topics and shortlist your potential topics. Use a topic that is current, exciting, and has depth. Never choose one that is either too narrow or too wide. 


    The Prewriting Process


    One doesn’t dive into writing straight off but goes through the important process of prewriting. 


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    Amongst many techniques, the common ones are:


    • Mind Mapping: Here you go about putting everything on a black piece of paper that you can think about the subject. Each idea will have many connecting ideas, such that it will create a web of ideas and relationships.  
    • Bulleting: Just like mapping but you here you list down the ideas and subtopics in a vertical hierarchy.
    • Freewriting: This involves writing in non-stop bursts and jotting down everything that comes to your mind about the subject. This not only a good writing warm-up but provides you with key ideas about the essay. 




    When writing you should be aware to follow the structure of Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion, including the important parts of it:


    Thesis Statement: As part of the introduction, It announces your subject to the reader and tells them about your ideas or arguments about the subject, and in what angle you are going to present the idea.


    Topic Sentence: Each body paragraph will start with a topic sentence introducing what the paragraph is going to be about. Topic sentences are connected to the main thesis. 


    Conclusion: The conclusion is mostly a recap or revision of the salient points that can be found in the thesis statement and topic sentences. It ends with a brief final word. 


    Edit and Review


    Essays start with a draft. Good writing comes later on. 


    Once the ideas, structure, and the relational analysis are set, feel free to edit the text and make it more potent. You will also be able to remove any logical fallacies or discrepancies, that you would have missed otherwise.   


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