• Persuasive essays showcase your ability to convince your reader about the legitimacy of your idea or point of view. To do that, the essay writer showcases sound reason and logic to argue upon the topic, and provide examples to strengthen the claim.


    Persuasive essays also known as argumentative essays. However, in an argumentative essay, the writer is responsible to showcase both sides of an argument to reach a conclusion.


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    But in a persuasive essay, a writer will have to carry forward only the point of view or the argument that you are proposing. 


    Plan Ahead


    Before you begin to write, it is important to decide not on a whim but after doing a bit of pre-work. A good practice is to note down the reasons for supporting each side of the argument. And choose the side that you can support with stronger arguments. This saves you the trouble of changing the essay halfway after running out of ideas. 


    Once the topic is decided, research on the topic despite your previous knowledge. You will need to gather evidence and examples for each of your arguments. There are plenty of online resources to find credible information. If you want to go for a potent ethos you should consult research papers and the journals. 


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    It is up to you to brainstorm in parallel to your research or before or after it.


    MindMapping is a way to pour down your mind’s contents into a spatial representation on the paper. With the subject at the centre, you create links and sublinks with information and arguments related to the subject. This will help you establish relations and give you a structural overview. 


    Journaling is another technique that you can use to get unique and often overlooked arguments. Journaling on and off gets your passive thinking into the process. Mull over a subject enough and over time the subconscious will feed you with ideas regarding it. When the idea strikes, take out your journal and note it down.


    Structure of the Essay


    • Introduction:
      • Hook: Grab the reader’s attention.
      • Brief introduction: Give a  general introduction to the topic.
      • Thesis Statement: Present your main argument and mention the salient points.
    • Body Paragraph( for each paragraph)
      • Topic Sentence: Introduce each argument at the start of the topic sentence. 
      • Evidence and Examples: Support each of the arguments with quotes and examples.
    • Conclusion: Bring the essay to a logical conclusion by restating the thesis statement and the topic sentences. 


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    The introduction shouldn’t exceed more than 5-6 paragraphs. It should take the effect of a funnel: starting out broad and zooming in on the topic to present the thesis statement at the end.


    Each body paragraph should stand on its own in supporting the thesis(your claim). The evidence and examples can come in the form of:

    • Facts and Statistics: You should vary the made-up stats and facts. Always use a reliable source.
    • Quote: You can quote a scholar or an expert who’s opinion holds value.
    • Examples: A good way to show the validity of your argument is by using a situation as valid proof.  


    The conclusion gives the reader a recap of points made and showcases your argument’s potency.


    Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays


    Lastly, I will leave you with a few topics to brush up your persuasive essay skills.


    1. Trophy Hunting is crucial for the protection of hunted and endangered species.
    2. Carbon Taxing is not a strong deterrent for the needed drastic decrease in carbon emissions. 
    3. Marijuana legalization is good for the economy and for the people as well.
    4. The electoral system is outdated and should be modified or replaced.
    5. The social media giants’ use of user’s data should be taken as theft.


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